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Features and Tools


GEMMS is proud to provide you with the features and tools needed to serve your healthcare IT needs. We strive to answer any questions you have that will make the road easier to travel, make your practice more efficient, and make your doctors more productive. Check out the links below as a guide or contact us if you have additional needs.

Clinical Decision Support

GEMMS utilizes Persivia to provide a broad array of analytical and clinical decision support solutions. The Clinical Decision Support platform leverages the world's largest library of evidence-based medical knowledge to provide clinicians with real-time patient and population assessment at the point of care.


The intention of a PHR is to provide a complete and accurate summary of an individual’s medical history which is accessible online. The GEMMS PHR is a tool that enables the practice to create the Personal Health Record of a patient, to be provided to the patient or other providers.

Direct Mail Messaging

Also known as Direct Exchange, GEMMS partners with Updox to securely send protected health information encrypted over the internet from one provider to another.

Working Patient List

A view where users can build their own custom “to-do” list, or a shared list may be created for users to work as a group.


Collection Queue Management

Automated collection process gives your organization a faster, more efficient way of managing your accounts receivable. Account management improves cash which leads to increased business performance.

Report Manager

Provides highly sophisticated auditing and management reports to assist clients in making business decisions. The main goal of Report Manager is to supply timely information to managers and staff in an easy to understand format.

Practice Management Tools

Manage complex scheduling templates, process multi-patient small balance write-offs, rebill entire claim batches, and create an ICD-10 exclusion lists.

Patient Document Viewer

Technology, Communications and, Medicine change almost faster than our ability to learn about them. Physicians must be nimble to adapt to the changes happening around them. Staying flexible might be your key to success.

Diagnostic Reporting Module (DRM)

A MS WORD based program, the GEMMS DRM allows the practice to use pre-defined phrase files to create diagnostic study reports. Clients also have the ability to customize and create their own templates.

Patient Portal

A secure online tool for patients to access their health information, request appointments and medication refills, or communicate with the practice. The portal can be configured by the client, and may also be viewed on mobile devices.


GEMMS Transcription System (GTS) is a product that enables the client to quickly and easily create a Referring Physician Letter using components of an Office Progress Note.


GEMMS PACS facilitates the economical storage and convenient access to images from multiple modalities in GEMMS One. GEMMS PACS also, provides the capability to create custom reports based upon automated retrieval of diagnostic information from digital imaging.


GEMMS offers a wide range of fully integrated interoperable solutions that allows you to easily share and receive clinical and financial data as you guide and track patients through the healthcare continuum.

License Manager

A tool that enables the administrator to manage licences for the GEMMS ONE application. It also provides information regarding the users logged in and their individual usage.

Smart Phrases/Single Responses

Easy ways of creating documentation with a single word response or phrase.



Current, consistent, and complete documentation in the medical record is an essential component of quality patient care.

Clinical Dashboard

Previously known as the “clipboard”, the Clinical Dashboard provides a “Point of Service” view to the user that is also interactive. The dashboard may have different views for different workgroups, displaying items such as the patient’s medical history, Patient Portal activity and the Meaningful Use CQMs. There are also a number of interactive links that will take the user from the dashboard directly to the data entry screen.

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