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GEMMS ONE is a fully integrated, ONC certified EHR, allowing for a seamless workflow throughout the patient care cycle.


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Practice Management

Fully integrated within GEMMS ONE, clients have the ability to track patient appointments, create charges, process claims, post electronic payments, run PM reports, and manage collections.

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Patient Portal

GEMMS Patient Portal gives patients 24/7 access to personal health information and enhances patient-provider communications resulting in improved outcomes.


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Creating flexible, efficient integration between GEMMS ONE and other systems. Tailored to meet specific interoperability needs with the ability to import and export data or text. In multiple ways.


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GEMMS Features

GEMMS is proud to provide you with the features and tools needed to serve your healthcare IT needs. We strive to answer any questions you have that will make the road easier to travel, make your practice more efficient, and make your doctors more productive.


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10201 N. Illinois Street
Suite 140
Indianapolis, IN 46290
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About Us

For over 20 years GEMMS has been providing an easy to use EHR that is intuitive and contains a rich knowledge base that adapts to any workflow, allowing physicians and staff to focus on patient care.
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