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Partners and Certification


Medinformatix is the EHR/PM platform GEMMSONE runs on. The GEMMS ONE Practice Management System integrates seamlessly with the GEMMS ONE EHR. This combined with the “decision tree” design intelligence allows for greater functionality and flexibility linking all functions of the front and back office.


Founded in 1999, ZirMed is a nationally recognized leader in cloud-based claims management. ZirMed offers a complete revenue cycle management solution to assist in streamlining your office. ZirMed offers a complete suite of products however, GEMMS ONE integrates with the following: Eligibility Verification, Professional and Institutional Claims, Electronic Remittance Advice, Electronic Patient Statements and Z-Pay. ZirMed is designed to complement office workflow and streamline administrative processes.


GEMMS uses NewCrop as their e-Rx technology partner. NewCrop provides the platform to connect GEMMS ONE to the Surescripts network. Together GEMMS and NewCrop provide e-prescribing, Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS), Managed Care Formularies, All-provider medication history, and Drug-drug/drug-allergy checking. Connection to NewCrop provides physicians with the ability to electronically transmit prescription requests directly from GEMMS ONE to a pharmacy, and to electronically receive and respond to prescription-renewal requests.


Providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for health care, Updox is the industry leading Physician Connectivity Platform. With our CRM solutions, independent medical practices can easily manage communications from one inbox, streamline physician relationships, drive collaboration with partners and engage patients – all integrated with the practice’s existing EHR.

Updox services are available directly to independent physicians or through partnerships with EHR vendors to help practices run more efficiently, increase revenues and offer patients a more satisfying experience interacting with their providers where they are treated like customers and not numbers. More than 35,000 members have joined Updox to change how medical practices collaborate and share information.


We at Persivia provide population health, precision medicine and chronic care management, and as future drivers of the healthcare industry, feel that Persivia is already ahead of the curve. We help providers control costs, especially around chronic diseases as more healthcare organizations take on and share the burden of risk in today’s new financial model of value-based purchasing.

Persivia takes into account all patient data from clinical, claims, behavior, consumer, genomics and proteomic data to provide a quantum improvement in risk stratification to enable earlier clinical interventions and manage costs. Dedicated to the principles of precision medicine, Persivia leverages real-time analytics that addresses the growing need of managing complex patient populations with two or more chronic conditions.


With over 30 years of medical diagnostic image management experience and approximately 1,500 installations in hospitals, clinics, private practices, research institutions and mobile imaging services, Freeland Systems™ offers innovative and efficient solutions for image and reporting management, on-site and “cloud” archival, comprehensive database management, connectivity and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Our corporate goal is to provide affordable image and reporting solutions that improve physician productivity, increase practice revenues, automate workflow and maximize return on investment. Freeland’s Image and Reporting solution is designed to be the CV component of the Electronic Medical Records to provide even the smallest cardiology practice the advanced workflow functionality typically reserved for large, costly EMR installations.

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For over 20 years GEMMS has been providing an easy to use EHR that is intuitive and contains a rich knowledge base that adapts to any workflow, allowing physicians and staff to focus on patient care.
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